3x3 4K 30Hz Video Wall Controller w/ 4 Input Interfaces


  • Supports up to 4K@30Hz resolution for a 3x3 video wall. Can be cascaded to create 3x4, 4x5, 5x6 and maximum 10x10 video wall
  • 4 different input ports; USB-C, VGA, DP, and HDMI. Features 9 HDMI output ports
  • 180° output image rotation along with EDID management via OSD interface or web interface
  • Features SPDIF and 3.5mm Analog audio extraction function. Note that SPDIF out supports up to 5.1ch audio, which the analog audio out supports 2ch stereo
  • Control using front panel buttons, IR remote, RS232 commands, and webGUI. Third-party platform control via RS232 port or LAN

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The ZT-VWC49 is a 4K@30Hz video wall controller that provides 9 HDMI outputs for a 3x3 video wall image. It features 4 different input type ports; USB-C, VGA, DP, and HDMI, to allow for flexibility regarding connecting different types of input source devices. This video wall controller can also be cascaded to create a 3x4, 4x5, 5x6, and a maximum of 10x10 video wall image. It supports 180° output image rotation, and offers EDID management to help with video compatibility issues between the source device and displays.

Users can also take advantage of the audio extraction feature via SPDIF or 3.5mm analog audio out ports, and extract the audio from the incoming A/V signal, sending it to their favorite external sound systems. The ZT-VWC49 can be controlled via front panel buttons, included IR remote, RS232 commands, and web interface. Third party platform control is supported via RS232 port or LAN.


manualZT-382_-_User_Manual.pdf11.2 MB