Zenty's Integrations

Easily set up Zenty devices for better automation and control. Boost customer happiness and results while lessening work with our inclusive solutions.

Our Integrations

Smart home automation

Provide automation and networking systems for your home or business, offering a more personalized and unified smart home system to automate and control connected devices

For the Developers

Give your smart home or commercial space industry-leading automation and control technology with modern user interfaces and experiences

Growing Together

Everything in your home or business is controlled with ease on one intelligent platform. Make your home or commercial setup more secure, comfortable, and convenient

NICE in Every Detail

Elan control represents a dynamic syntergy of two exceptional technologies, creating a harmonious ecosystem for smart living and seamless control

Simplify Your World

From managing an office’s smart conference room to integrating a restaurant’s smart lighting control with audio distribution. RTI blends power and performance

More than just smart

Savant is a leader in premium home automation. We offer an easier way for homeowners to create experiences that match their lifestyle.

More Integrations Coming Soon

"This service is game-changing, it felt like magic."

- Arthur C. Clarke

"The quality of technology truly inspired our team."

- John Lasseter


Growing Together

Our team is always looking for synergies and opportunities to create value for all stakeholders

Intuitive automation

Easy-to-set-up and convenient to use, our integrated automations will make things easier for installers and end-users

In-house development

Our developers are always excited to build products that matter. If you have an integration you'd like to see, please let us know.